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International Sculpture Symposium Alliance Constitution Compendium

International Sculpture Symposium Alliance, Chinese name: 国际雕塑创作营联盟, referred to as ISSA for short.

Article 1 The aims and objectives of ISSA are to promote communication and exchange among worldwide sculpture symposiums, organize academic research, exhibition interaction and creation practice, accelerate development of worldwide sculpture course and exchange of urban cultures.

Article 2 ISSA is an international noncommercial nongovernmental voluntary academic organization.

Article 3 The missions of ISSA are to
3.1 Facilitate exchange and cooperation among sculpture symposiums and conduct publicity of sculpture symposiums.
3.2 Use sculpture as vehicle to study and propagate cultures of countries in the world.
3.3 Hold activities including sculpture creation, art exhibition, academic exchange, symposiums and academic lectures.
3.4 Collect and order sculpture symposium exhibition materials in countries.
3.5 Compile academic achievements of ISSA and information of communication.
3.6 Offer consultation service about sculpture symposiums to the society.
3.7 Hold ISSA conferences at regular intervals.  
Article 4 The rights and obligations of Executive Committee units are to
4.1 Voluntarily enter or quit ISSA.
4.2 Own complete sculpture symposium institution and physical activity location.
4.3 Have right to introduce and recommend eligible sculpture symposiums to enter ISSA.
4.4 Participate activities held by ISSA.
4.5 Take part in election of Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman, have the right to vote, stand for election, and voting power.
4.6 Protect legal rights and interests, execute committee decisions, criticize and give suggestion to work of ISSA.
4.7 Report activity and research circumstances at regular intervals to ISSA, provide exhibition and academic symposium materials.